Green World Delivered As Promised With 362 Cars, 2 Jeeps, $150,000 And Many Thank You Gifts

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Green World 2012 Ceremony and Car Award.
Green World Car Award
Green World delivered as promised with 362 cars for Star 7 consultant, 2 jeeps for 3 star managers, $150,000 directors and many thank you gifts ranging from Large
screen LCD TV to Microwaves. It is amazing to see distributors jumping up and
celebrating hard work and success as a reward. In Calabar in 2011, it was just
156 cars and jeep but this years surpasses the last record, the record will
still continue to change and you may not know until you join the train of
these successful distributors.
Now, year 2013 is here again and I
need more people who will be determined to change their record and pick a new
car, open a new store and earn big  with
me for the next Car award in 2013.
Last year some people join me, Timothy, Amanda and Bridget heard my call that it is possible
and today they have it. You can do it too.
For those who are ready to take the
adventure in their area call me on 08038000974, 08181270737 for detail.
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Business and Investment opportunity is available for all. 
Green world Car ceremony Lagos
Green World Car award to Distributors



GreenWorld Nigeria

Green World Distributor Consultant in Nigeria. Green World specializes in Herbal and Natural supplement products. Contact me on your order and information need. Nationwide Delivery available. Call: 08038000974, 08181270737

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