Cell Phone Radiation Protection Sticker

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Pasting one radiation protection sticker means healthier and less harmful

As technologies progress , more and more people use call phone frequently. Cell phone radiation has become an ‘invisible killer’ that accompanies people at every movement.

Cell phone anti-radiation sticker


 What on earth is cell phone radiation?

According to scientific examination, the whole cell phone will emit radiation to the outside in the conversation process. There are three main radiation sources: antenna (the radiation is used in conversation) receiver and microphone (useless radiation is produced because of loops). The radiation emitted by these radiation sources will be absorbed by our body and it will change body tissues and affect our health.

As is known, radiation is harmful to our body. It has different harm levels for different people. Practices have proved that the following people will be easily harmed.
1.    Children, children are growing and their immune systems have not completely grown yet. So the radiation harm they suffer is the highest one
2.    Patients especially those suffering from heart disease or high blood pressure
3.    Pregnant women
4.    People who have bad physical quality and weak immune system
5.    Elders
6.    White collars and business men

Effect of cell phone radiation

Scientific research shows that using cell phones without radiation protection  measures will produce the following symptoms:
1.    Attention-deficit disorder, dizziness and memory failure
2.    Eyes focus failure, blurred vision and even cataract
3.    Headache, earache, toothache and lower jaw pain
4.    Pricking pain on face and other parts of body, especially unusual burning feeling and skin harm on the face
5.    Muscle and articulus pains
6.    Palpitation

Radiation Protection Sticker
Radiation Protection Sticker

Different people will have different reaction. Of course, some people will possibly have only one or few kinds of symptoms while others whose physical quality is bad may have many symptoms..
Cell phone radiation has been always a topic that people are concerned. The plasters are developed by research and they are made of special materials. The plaster can absorb excess harmful radiation produced by antenna, receiver and microphone and transfer the radiation in direction to avoid its injury to our body.

Cell phone radiation sticker can make you have healthy body and acute mind in the information developed 3G time.

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Cell Phone Radiation Protection Paster

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