Green World Natural Energy Stone Acupuncture Heating Pad Series

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Green world Natural Energy Stone Acupuncture Heating Pad series can improve the blood circulation of the corresponding body parts, release the muscle fatigue, activate body cells and accelerate metabolism. The heat is from deep inside your body part and it can extract the cold that is blocked inside your body meridian so the energy and blood can circulate smoothly inside your body. It can expel pathogenic wind, remove dampness and cold inside your body, reduce swelling and ease pain and improve the immune and disease-resistant ability.

Green World

Green World Natural Energy Stone Acupunture Heating Pad series include 1.Pad for Neck, 2. Pad for Waist and 3. Pad for Knee.

Natural Energy Stone Acupuncture Heating Pad for Neck:

It can release and cure all kinds of discomfort and pains in your shoulder and neck caused by cervical spondylopathy or muscle rigidity. And it can also regulate and cure the headache, migraine, blood insufficiency, eye problems, pharyngitis and the numbness and pain of arms.

Natural Energy Stone Acupuncture Heating Pad for Waist:

It can release and cure lumbar strain, intervertebral Disc Disorder, hyperosteogeny, sore and painful muscle on your back and waist, cold in waist etc. also it can regulate effectively fear to cold, stomach cold and pain, dysfunction of stomach and intestines, irregular menstruation, abdominal cold and dysmenorrheal. Meanwhile, it can regulate the meridian and acupuncture points in your waist and help you lose weight in your waist and abdomen.

Natural Energy Stone Acupuncture Heating Pad for Knee:

It can release and cure arthritis, varix, soft tissue injury in the knees, hyperosteogeny, foot chilliness, and fear to cold and can reduce swelling and ease pain.
Wearing those pads equals to having Traditional Chinese acupuncture treatment. The regulation effect of the pads will stay inside the body for 24 to 48 hours.
The pad can be washed but don’t use detergent or other chemical matters. Use only water to wash (within 5 mins). Drying in the shade and avoid the high temperature and humidity environment for longer lifetime of the pads.

Green World Acupuncture Heating Pad series

Unsuitable for:

People with high fever and hemorrhage, people who has problems in feeling heat and people with corresponding damaged skin.
People, who have damage in the soft tissue, please use the pad 24 hours later.
People who has pacemaker and insulin pump or other electric devices inside the body
Pregnant women and women in lactation period cannot use the pad for waist.
People with cancer or other severe disease cannot use the products.
Children and people with allergies should be caution about using the pads.  

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