How To Lower Cholesterol Naturally- Using Green World Nutrition Supplements

How To Lower Cholesterol Naturally- Using Green World Nutrition Supplements.

Knowing how to lower cholesterol naturally, without chemical drugs, is easy. Plus, these simple lifestyle changes and diet to lower cholesterol naturally can save your life and your health forever.

So many people know about the need to lower cholesterol. But many don’t know how to go about it naturally. And most don’t know that cholesterol is naturally produced in the body and is necessary in order to make healthy cells, vitamin D, nerve insulation and essential hormones.

However high cholesterol contributes to atherosclerosis – the build up of plaque in the arteries.

Plaque narrows blood vessel walls limiting blood circulation to both your heart and brain. This means that having high cholesterol can be a major risk factor for both heart disease and stroke.
But, since you can safely and easily lower high cholesterol naturally with NO negative side effects, it only makes good common sense to take the safe route to lower cholesterol naturally.

Ways to Lower Cholesterol Naturally

Begin gradually (but persistently) making these simple lifestyle and diet changes:

Take healthy-heart supplements from Green World. Quality omega 3 fish oil capsules have been proven in numerous studies to be highly effective in naturally preventing and reversing heart disease. Fish oil does a better job than statin drugs with no negative side effects. Whole food supplements, including B complex, GTF chromium and garlic, can also help.
a. Green World Cardio-power Capsule
b. Green World Lecithin Softgel Oil/ Deep sea Fish oil (Omega 3)
c. Kuding Tea ( Chinese herbal tea)
d. Green World Ginkgo Biloba
Increase your dietary fiber. Include more high fiber foods, such as fruits, vegetables, beans, whole grains and fiber supplements in your diet. The soluble fiber from beans and whole grains actually binds with cholesterol and carries it out of your body.
Eat good fat, eliminate bad fat. Reduce animal fats, especially from dairy and red meat. Stick with extra virgin olive oil and fatty fish as your main sources of fat. The fish oil from omega 3 fish not only improves cholesterol, it also helps lower blood pressure and can dramatically reduce your risk of heart disease.
Feast on fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables have been shown to help lower cholesterol and protect against heart disease. So replace sweets and processed foods with healthy fruits.
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