How To Prepare Green World Kuding Plus Tea

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How To Make A Perfect Cup Of Green world Kuding Plus Tea

Kuding plus tea, also known as “bitter tea” is a unique Chinese tea. Kuding tea is a traditional health drink, known for its many medicinal properties such as cooling, detoxifying, promoting blood circulation and aiding digestion. Regular consumption of Kuding tea helps to reduce blood pressure clear red-eye, relieve headache and control obesity. Kuding tea is very effective in boosting the immune system.

Green World Kuding Plus Tea

Takes Kuding From The Farms Of Southern Part Of China Where There Is No Pollution As The Main Ingredients And Is Added With Other Precious Herbs Including American Ginseng, Ganoderma And Etc. And The Function Is Fortified While The Taste And Flavour Are Highly Improved.

  1. start with one teabag of Kuding per one cup of tea
  2. drink at least one cup once a day. You can also re-brew the leaves until they lose their flavour
  3. If you try the tea for the first time, then its taste can be a little bit bitter for you.
  4. When the water has come to a rolling boil, empty the teapot of warm water and add the tea bags.
  5. Allow for 5 minutes or more in the warm water
  6. You can now drink your kuding plus tea
  7. You can re-brew the same tea bag for evening or dinner time For Order and delivery

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