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Joint health plus capsule:
It can ameliorate arthritis, joint pain,osteoarthritis, help provide the building blocks for healthy cartilage and maintain structural integrity of joints and connective tissue.It is an excellent calcium extender, which promotes skeleton growth and relieve the swell and pain caused by arthritis

Blueberry Super Nutrition :
It can activate immune system through prolong cell’ life and repairing injured cells, promote resistance of organism, maintain normal function and metabolism of cells, promote the repairing capability, enhance imunity, cleanse blood, remove toxins, care the eyes and resist cancers.

Aloe Vera Plus :
Aloe Vera plus contains numerous active material providing functions such as medical treatment, facial beautification, health care and for comsumption.Green World Aloe Vera brand contains Grape Seeds extract and Vitamin E as well

Royal jelly capsule;
It can prevents tumor, reduces blood pressure, strengthens
brain, improves hepatitis, relieve diabetes, prevents arteriosclerosis and facilitates production of the red blood cell and blood platelet. Restrain bacteria, eliminates inflammation, resists cancer and radiation.

Anti-addiction capsule:
for drug and drinking addict. Anti-addiction has the effect of calming and hypnosis. It reduces excitement in the normal state or caused by caffeine. Meanwhile, it resist convulsion and decreases the craving for drugs.

Green World Lipid Care Tea
Green World Lipid Care Tea through diluting and dissolving the lipid substance in blood, helps to purify the blood, increase blood flow and speed, regulate blood circulation and blood pressure, significantly reduce the lipid substance and lower blood viscosity, improve and reduce the risk of coronary disease, fatty liver complications.

Green World Super Co-Q10 Capsule :
The main ingredient of cell mitochondria is Coenzyme Q10, which is the element to generate energy. Coenzyme Q10 levels are reported to decrease with age and to be low in patients with some chronic diseases such as heart conditions, muscular dystrophies, Parkinson’s disease, cancer, diabetes and HIV/AIDS.

 Heparsure capsule :
For people having challenge with hepatitis, fatty liver , can directly repair and stabilize liver cell membrane and liver cells; regulate hepatic fat metabolism; remove toxic substances in liver; reduce the damage of toxic substances to liver; prevent the occurrences of liver fibrosis and

Balsam Pear Tea –
Balsam Pear is also called “cool melon” with its cold and brine nature, and rich contents of vitamin B1, vitamin C and many minerals, it relieve thirst, refreshes and nourishes the appearance and accelerates the metabolism. It also improves digestion and relieves constipation.

Green World Balsam Pear Tea
It makes a full use of the main compositions of balsam pear such as insulin, aminophenol, balsam glycoside and fucose.rrhosis; protect liver; alleviate symptoms of liver diseases.

Green World Glucoblock Capsule
:It reduces the blood sugar, eliminates symptom of diabetes, restores function of the insulin, improves normal secretion of the insulin cell, activates histiocyte, and resumes receptors to insulin cytosine. Meanwhile, it is particularly effective on diabetes complications.

ProstraSure capsule:
This product prevents and cures chronic prostatitis as well as frequent, urgent, difficult or painful urination, strangury with turbid urine caused by prostatitis. It improves blood circulation and restrains growth of pathogenic microorganism in the prostate. Moreover, sound efficacy and short period of treatment can be achieved by this low dosage. High cure rate with minimal side effect.

 Kidney Tonifying Capsule [men] and Kidney Tonifying Capsule [women]
The kidney meridian also includes the adrenal glands that secrete a wide range of essential hormones regulation metabolism, excretion, immunity, se3xual potency and fertility. Thus, the kidneys control se3xual and reproductive functions and provide the body’s prime source  of se3xual vitality, which the Chinese regard as a major  indicator of health and immunity.

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