Product Review: Green World Slimming Capsule

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Product Review: Green World Slimming Capsule

On August 2008, my weight was already 55 Kg, the heaviest as long as I live. And too bad, several days later my parents took me to an eleven days holiday trip to Singapore. As we all know that most of Singaporean are Chinese so they eat pork, and pork is very easy to be found there. And that’s where the trouble occurred.

Yes, I am a Chinese too, and pork is one of the food that I can never ever reject. Though I realized that I was overweight (I wasn’t overweight when I checked the web about it, but I did feel obese) already, I still eat pork at every meals time.

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Product Review: Green World Slimming Capsule


Although I did much walking, as I was site seeing everywhere, but still….

Soon, I felt my jeans tried to bite my waist, and I got out of breath easier. In additional, when I back home, I found out that almost all of my clothes was no longer wearable.

Feeling guilty and ugly, I started to …

Find the simplest and easiest way to get my previous size, and luckily, I found some testimonial about Green World Slimming Capsules (it’s name was still World Slimming Capsules at that time) on the web.

After doing some research, I decided to try the product, and order it to the reseller which web I access several days before. The price was average for a bottle contains sixty capsules of products, for thirty days of use.

For one week, I took two capsules a day after the breakfast, but not more than 10.30 each day. Without doing any other urge. I didn’t do workout or sport as I didn’t have time for that, and I also didn’t reduce my eating portion by purpose. But yes, my appetite was controlled by the product automatically that I became not so interest in chewing.

The result was: I lost about 2 Kg of weight, only in 2 weeks!

And after using it for one month, I lost about 8 Kg in total, and I get my shape again.

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