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 TEA – it promotes good health and longevity.
Pro-Slim Tea

Green World Pro-slim tea –

Characteristics & Benefits
100% herbal i.e. from nature, without chemical
and safe for use
Can spend up the catabolism of fat in the body.
Suppress the assumption of fat in the
Thus, reduces the percentage of fat in the body.
Green World Kuding Plus tea-
Kuding Plus Tea
Modern research suggests that herb promote blood
circulation lower high blood pressure, lower blood lipids, including cholesterol
and that is what kuding teas will do for anyone.
It has the reputation of preventing deterioration
of the heart and the brain and maintaining proper body weight.
The proliferation of kuding production,
research, maintaining and formulation assures that this valuable leaf will
eventually gain worldwide recognition as a health promoting beverage and
ingredient in prepared herbal medicines
The function is fortified while the taste and flour is highly improved.
Intestine Cleansing Tea
Green World Intestine cleansing
Tea –
Characteristic & Benefits.
It possess the capacity to detoxify safely
Preserve youthful look and refreshing skin
Eliminate unpleasant breath and bad mouth odour.
Promotes normal bowel movement
Supplement and balance nutrient.
Pine Pollen Tea
Green world Pine Pollen Tea –


Best choice for those who want to achieve a
smooth and beautify skin
Drinking this refreshing tea will make you feel
comfortable and relaxed
It can neutrilise the effect of alcoholic drinks
Relives fatigue and increase the body’s
anti=oxidation ability
Retard the process of aging
Regular  of this product will promote brightness  to your face and contribute better vigor and

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TEA – it promotes good health and longevity.

Green world Balsam Pear Tea –
Balsam Pear tea
The active insulin material –named polypeptide
can reduce blood sugar remarkably in a addition tea olyphenols in green tea can
treat diabetes.
It is rich in vitamin B1, Vitamin C and many
minerals which relieves thirst, refreshes and nourishes the appearance
Taking balsam pear tea regulates can strengthen
the ability of anti-virus and anti-cancer
It is a pure and drinkable natural green
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