Green World A-Power Capsule – Help Improve The Human Body’s Immune System.


World Brand A-power Capsule is manufactured according to the clinical symptoms and immune deficiency state of AIDS, which takes the extract of precious Chinese traditional herbal medicines such as ginseng, the root of membranous milk vetch, E-gelatin, licorice root. This capsule can enhance the immunity, improve the symptoms, physical signs and CD+ cells of AIDS patients and strengthen the resistance to HIV.

Green world A-power capsule


Characteristics and Benefits of A-power capsule:

1. All the used medicines composing A-power compound are made from Traditional Chinese therapies and were proved safe for human body many years ago.
2. It is benefited from its special feature of being extracts of natural plants and not harmful to the human body, it helps improve the human body’s immune system.
3. it is effective in recognizing virus, tumor and abscess, improving the immunity ability, complementing body’s nourishment, relieve tissue injury. it can also improve the function of liver and kidney, enhance the muscle and bone, nourish the blood, accelerates blood circulation.
4. Resists HIV, delays and eliminates the possibility that the HIV infection transforms to the AIDS

It improves immune system and enhances the muscle, bone and nourishes the blood.
– It improves the function of liver and kidney.
– It is effective in recognizing virus, tumor abscess and cure tissues injury.
– It is very good for those living with HIV

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