Green World Propolis Capsule and Your Health Care Need.

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Green World Propolis Capsule
Propolis is now considered an important part of dietetics and a natural cure by the World Health Organization. Its
popularity is ever increasing, due to its many possibilities. The concentrations of flavonoids seem to be responsible for the great antibiotic effects of Propolis. Flavonoids possess many potent curative effects.

Follows compound prescription. Combined with ginseng and royal jelly, Green world  Propolis Plus Capsule has the following functions:

1. Resists bacteria, mildew and virus, dephlogisticate, prevent flu and enhances immunity. It can cure stomatocace,
periodontitis and infection of the respiratory tract, gastritis, gastric ulcer.

2. Stabilizes and reduces free radical, resists oxidation, maintains normal blood vessel system.

3. Accelerates metabolism, enhances the cell regeneration ability, and replaces caducity cells. Helps the composition of protein, retards aging and improves the immunity.

Green World Propolis Capsule

4. Anti-tumor.
Green world Propolis Plus Capsule takes natural material as its main composition. It is easy to absorb, free of toxin, no side effect and can be taken regularly.

The following problems treated by Propolis showed satisfactory improvements all over the world:
Acne, Asthma, Arthritis, Burns, Boils, Bleeding gums, Canker sores (aphtha),
Common cold, Diarrhea, Eczema, Flu, Female complaints, Inflammation, Stomach ulcers etc
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