Cordyceps: Distinctive Benefits of Cordyceps Plus

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How Green World Cordyceps Plus Capsule Can benefit Nigerians Health

Extensive pharmacological study of cordyceps has laid a
solid scientific basis for cordyceps therapy. Various clinical experiments
proved that cordyceps has three distinctions. The first is its wide
application; the second is that it contributes apparent assistance to therapy
and the third is there is no evidence of side effects or toxicity.

Benefits of Green
World Cordyceps to your health.
Cordyceps Plus Capsule helps: * it relive
lung deficiency syndrome and suitable for assisting the therapy of asthma and
tuberculosis * stanches bleeding, * clears erupted blood, invigorates kidney, *
accelerates DNA-RNA composition of renal tubule epithelia cells, * alleviates
extent damage of acute renal tubule, * accelerates recovery from kidney damage.
Cordyceps is very
effective to
: * cure disease and regulate the function of kidney. * It
helps cure impotence, * helps low se3xual-function or low sperm count, *
Strengthens the immune system, * relieves fatigue or tiredness. * helps
spermatorrhoea, * helps vertigo, * helps back pain and * helps dyspnea.
It lowers the death
rate caused by chronic kidney incompetence
, * improves the status of kidney
function, * accelerates the recovery of kidney function, * postpones the
deterioration of kidney function.
Anti-cancer: cordyceps
can recover from cardiovascular system and respiratory diseases and beneficial
for late stage cancer apparently. It reduces the risk of malignant cancer and
increase survival rate. Overall it promotes health.
Hepatitis and
: it can improve the hepatic function directly and is valuable for
therapy of liver cirrhosis.
world Nigeria Africa is to maintain among the mainstay forces around
the world by providing exciting, leading-edge concepts on the basis of
all natural resources for the optimization of human health. 
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