Green World Blueberry Product Introduction.

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Green World Blueberry Introduction.
Blueberry Super Nutrition

Blueberry, as one of the oldest fruit in the world, is not
just a kind of fruit, but a sort of health care food that can be used as
Blueberry,  is rich in
nutrient: healthy amino acids, protein, folic acid, rich in cellulose, vitamin
C, E, A, flavonoids, potassium, iron, zinc, manganese and has the function of
anti-oxidant, which make it stand out from other fruits. It contains compound
like anthocyani pigment. Moreover, it possesses more than 15 kinds of
anthocyanin pigment (VMA), which is 3 or 4 times more than other fruits. It is
the strongest anti-oxidant in the world.
As more and more people begin to know blueberry, blueberry’s
function in health care comes to the public’s knowledge and has been approved
by scientific studies: blueberry is authentic natural product.
FAO has listed it as one of the five health supplement
products for human and it is nutritional, healthy and has been internationally recognized as the third-generation fruit. Both Japan and America put blueberry
as anti-cancer food.
The Main Function of small Molecule
1 1.      
It is a small molecule, water-soluble substance.
It can cross the blood-brain barrier to protect the brain from being oxidized,
and stabilize the function of brain tissue.
2 2.     
Counteract free radical, anti-oxidation, enhance
human immunity.
Blueberry Juice (Vc)
Quick to protect eyes, improve eyesight,
eliminate visual fatigue, regulate visual acuity
Retard brain aging, enhance memory, inhibit
senile dementia
Reduce bad cholesterol (LDL), protect blood vessels,
and enhance cardiac function.
Eliminate inflammation, inhibit and anti-cancer.
Finally, Green world Nigeria is creating a green health for
all on the basis of sincerity and credibility. 
Now you can order your blueberry
products: Blueberry Juice (Vc), Green world Blue berry Nutrition, and also
across the country, from Lagos to Abuja and PH Green world will attend to you
no matter your location.
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Green World Nigeria Distributor.
GreenWorld Nigeria

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