The GREEN WORLD SLIMMING CARE PACKAGE is recommended for those who want to lose weight with ease and safety in mind.

                                     SECTION: CAPSULES AND TABLET

1. Green World Slimming Capsule

Description:This product adopts a natural floral formula which helps you to lose weight
safely and steadily by regulating the overall function of body. This product
contains no hormone and has no complication.
2. Green world Chitosan Capsule
Chitosan is call ”the sixth element of life”. It can improve somnolence, relax the bowels, nourish the Intestine, adsorb heavy metal ion, remove the metabolism rubbish and oxygen toxin in the blood vessel, restrain the absorption of glucose in the blood, improve the utilization of trypsin, decrease the blood fat and blood sugar, prevent the artery
ossification, high blood fat and diabetes. Chitosan has the following functions: consolidate the immunity, retard aging, prevent the disease, promote the recovery of diseases and regulate physiological functions of human body
It also 1. Reduce blood fat  2. Reduce blood Sugar
3. Strengthen the function of liver
4. Relieve back pain 5. Help In Losing Weight.


3. Green World Meal Cellulose / Lecithin Softgel
      Meal cellulose plays an important role in maintaining the function of human body. After a deep research, the nutritionist affirmed the health care function of the meal cellulose and name it as ”the seventh nutriment”. Meal cellulose has the following functions:
1    . Improve the function of intestine, nourishes the intestine and helps excrement
2     . Its reduces the blood sugar in the body thereby prevents diabetes
3     . Its reduces blood fat, prevent cardio-cerebral-vascular diseases, reduces the incidence of coronary heart disease and cerebral disease.
4    . Dilutes carcinogen, decreases the density of carcinogen and minimizes the duration of toxic substance in the
intestine, helps to prevent the occurrence of colon cancer and rectum cancer.
5    . Prevents from absorbing too much heat energy. Meal cellulose doesn’t contain sugar or calorie but it swells
after absorbing water and can swathes fat within food, discharge it through excrement; finally reducing the digestion and absorption of fat.
6    . Accelerate the growth of wholesome bacteria in the intestine. Eliminates toxin in the body,
nourishes the face and skin. Establishes a well- balanced excrement habit.  
   1. Green World Pro-slim Tea
    Pro-slim Tea can accelerate the aerobics decomposition of fat, eliminate sediment of fat, help metabolize fat sediment in the body, transform the fat into dissociate fat and finally dispel the fat solvent out of the body, regulate and decrease the fat level in the blood, reduce the excess energy, dissolve the harmful substance, meanwhile help release the defecation, discharge the toxin out of the body, reduce the absorption of toxin in the intestine, speed up the intestine micro circulatory system, improve the body resistance to diseases.
Pro-slim Tea also takes sour orange plant as its main composition.These natural plant are rich in several kinds of stringy substances that can transform the fat molecule in the body, then form a gauze screen to absorb fat,
control the body’s absorption and usage of fat, finally discharge the fat efficiently out of body and stop the fat absorption.- It suppress the absorption of fat in the intestine.
2. Green World Intestine Cleansing Tea
Green World’s Intestine Cleansing Tea can moisten intestinal wall, soften those dry and hard old excreta, alleviate the condition of intestinal motility disorders, thoroughly clean the folds of intestinal tract, heal intestinal mucosal injury, restore intestinal function. In this way, it makes old excreta no longer adhere to intestinal wall and be excluded smoothly with defecation. On one hand, Intestine Cleansing Tea can discharge the toxin out of the body; on the other hand, it can provide nutrition to the body and maintain the physical health of the body. Long-term consumption of Intestine Cleansing Tea will not lead to toxin or any other side effects.
It preserve youthful look by removing toxins
It eliminates unpleasant breath
It cleanses the bowel.
3. Lipid Care Tea : This is for those with High BP, who are desiring to shape up. the tea will work along with the slimming products.

Green World Vibration Slimming Belt

NOTE: Three (3) out of the options above at a time will do a good job.
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