IShine Capsule Can Enhance Your Sleep and Brain Function

Ishine Capsule from Green World

What happen if we don’t sleep?

Lack of sleep not only has serious effects on our brain’s ability to function properly, it is also exemplified by grumpiness, irritability, irrationality and forgetfulness. The longer you stay without sleep, the more impaired you may become. After 24hrs without sleep, you may start to have hallucinations which could be dangerous to you and to others.
ishine capsule

ishine capsule

How Green World IShine capsule can enhance your sleep and care for your brain strength.

iShine Capsule supply  nervous system with nutrients, promotes growth of nerve cells, improves blood circulation, rehabilitates nerves, harmonizes the balance between excitement and restrain of pallium cells, restores the normal conduction of cerebra neurotransmitter,resists fatigue, accelerates deep sleep, increases  faculty and memory.

–      Characteristics and Benefits:

  • Induces sleep and improves sleep quality.
  • Regulates sleep disorders such as insomnia ,troubled and dream disturbed sleep.
  • Soothes the nerve system.

Suitable for;

  • People with sleep disorders
  • People with poor quality sleep.
  • People with anxiety,stress,chronic fatigue and depression.
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  1. I am using Ishine capsules to induce sleep without any success. What do you suggest i should use as i suffer from imsomnia.

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    If i want to be your sale representative, what should i do?

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