This Is How To Deal With Malaria?

Four (4) Wonderful Ways To Deal With Malaria

1.    Anti-malarial Medicines:

Traditional intervention to control malaria is the application of ant-malarial medicines. However the growing resistance of malaria parasite to anti-malarial medicine has spread very rapidly, undermining malaria control effect.

2.    Vector Control: 

malaria prevention

The female mosquitoes of the Anopheles genus are the primary host and transmission vectors of parasites. Therefore vector control is the most effective way to prevent malaria and it’s transmission. Prevention of mosquito bites by distribution of mosquito nets and insect repellents, spraying insecticides inside houses and draining standing water where mosquitoes lay their eggs would be the effective measures to control vectors.

3.    Vaccination:

Since the 1970s, there has been a considerable effort to develop similar vaccination strategies within humans. However malaria is commonly associated with poverty, a widely available vaccine is a big challenge especially for those underprivileged endemic areas.

4.    Take Green World Malapower capsule: Best Way to deal safely

Green World Malapower capsule restrains growth of the plasmodium and kills it directly. It also promotes producing of red blood cells and hemoglobin. This product is scientifically processed by natural plants based on the theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and is effective on the treatment of malaria side effects.

Characteristic and Benefit of Malapower

Malapower capsule

a.    Inhibit the growth of plasmodium and directly kills them so as to control the attack of malaria
b.    Relieve symptoms of malaria such as fever, headache, body ache, nausea   etc
c.    Improves complications of malaria like anemia, fatigue and insomnia.

Suitable For:

People who are suffering from malaria
People intend to prevent malaria

Ingredient: Radix Astragali, Radix Glycyrrhizae, Herba Lophatheri

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